Request for Market Research Participants

We have received a request from Flince Research & Design, a global healthcare market research consultancy, to ask the members of our community for their participation in a market research interview.  Specifically, Flince is seeking NET patients who currently or at one time have had symptoms of Carcinoid Syndrome, specifically diarrhea.  Participation is open to a broad base of NET patients, including those with gastrointestinal NET tumors, pulmonary and lung NET tumors, and pancreatic NET tumors.  In addition, we are told that a participant may be anyone with a carcinoid tumor or who suffers from short bowel syndrome.

The interview will consist of a single 60 minute telephone conversation and each participant will receive $200 for his or her time and opinions.

Anyone interested should contact:

Jason Turner
Flince Research & Design
Telephone: 773.383.9090

The company’s website is

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